CNN Cuts Coverage of Trump’s Reelection Rally as Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks!” [VIDEO]

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As the 2020 election begins to take shape, there have been concerns within President Trump’s inner circle that he is lagging behind in key swing states. This was further cemented after internal pollsters who worked for his campaign leaked documents to the press. Trump has tried to question those documents’ validity, but during a recent rally, he set his sights instead on the media.

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Trump was speaking in Orlando, Florida, where countless supporters camped out overnight. Trump made it clear this wasn’t just any rally. He was announcing his 2020 re-election. Once the former business mogul took the stage, he stated that his 2015 announcement to run for president was a “defining moment in American history.”

In typical Trump fashion, he pointed at the media members in attendance and said: “Ask them right there.” The crowd, which included around 20,000 of his supporters, quickly picked out Trump’s number one enemy — CNN.

It wasn’t long until the crowd started chanting “CNN sucks,” which seemed to please the president as he smiled. Trump didn’t stop there though. “By the way, that is a lot of fake news back there.”

He quickly added: “The amount of press we have tonight reminds me of the Academy Awards before it went political and their ratings went down the tubes.”

CNN’s John Berman broke away from the rally’s audio to tells viewers at home: ‘All right. We’ve been watching the president kick off his reelection bid. He’s been on stage for about six minutes. Within two minutes he did talk about the economy, but within four minutes it was attacks on the media.”

Berman then stated that the president “quickly reverted to some of the same themes he has been talking about since he began running for president.”

Later that night, CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter took to Twitter to reveal a “CNN sucks” chant broke out six munites into the rally, which happened to be when Berman started his analysis.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara echoed the president’s comments about the media at the rally, reiterating Trump’s statements about “fake news” and calling the media “dishonest.” Trump’s war with the media continues and will surely be a focal point with the 2020 election on the horizon.