Clerk Fired for Drawing Gun on Hatchet Wielding Robber [VIDEO]

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When a would-be robber entered a convenience store, he likely wasn’t expecting much resistance from the clerk. However, the store employee did something unexpected and drew a handgun on the thief. The suspect fled the convenience store, and the clerk called 911. While no one was injured, that doesn’t mean the clerk didn’t suffer some consequences.

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The incident took place at a Plaid Pantry convenience store in the Oak Grove area of Oregon. A man entered the store and attempted to rob it while wielding a 12-inch hatchet.

Instead of giving into the would-be robber’s demands, the clerk drew a handgun and called 911, reporting the attempted robbery to authorities. The thief decided to flee.

Before running from the store, the suspect placed the hatchet on the counter while reportedly stating, “I’m sorry. I’ll leave,” while looking in the clerk’s direction.

“The suspect got on his knees with his hands in the air, then abruptly fled the store,” said Sgt. Marcus Mendoza.

However, the quick-thinking clerk – although uninjured – did not escape completely unscathed. The decision to pull the gun cost him his job.

The president of Plaid Pantry cited a zero-tolerance weapons policy when asked why the clerk was fired, according to a report by Fox News.

He stated that employees were taught to de-escalate dangerous situations, such as robbery attempts, as a means of avoiding injury.

On Friday, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video from the attempted robbery, which took place on April 28, in hopes that members of the public could help identify the hatchet-wielding suspect.

Addressing the suspect, Mendoza said, “We’d like to reunite you with the hatchet you left behind after the clerk responded with a handgun and a 911 call and you fled the scene.”