Christian Parents Who ‘let their 10-month-old infant die’ for Religious Reasons Face Murder Charges [VIDEO]

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While The United States embraces religious liberty, those tolerances only go so far. Personal responsibility is still important. The parents of a 10-month-old who dies of malnutrition are finding this out the hard way. They claim the death was God’s will. Now they face life in prison for the act of gross negligence.

The death occurred in Michigan where “Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari, both 27, were charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse on Monday over the death of their daughter, Mary, on Thursday,” The Daily Mail reports.

Video of the court proceedings show the couple sitting calmly through the charges. It isn’t until the announcement of a potential sentence that either showed emotion. Welch stared at the judge with his mouth wide open. Fusari, beside him bawled.

Last week, Welch called 911 and said he’d found their child Mary dead in her crib. “An autopsy on Friday ruled her cause of death as malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect by adult caregivers,” Daily Mail notes.

When the parents were brought in for questioning, they admitted that the chid had been showing signs and symptoms of malnutrition for more than a month.

Court documents show that the parents didn’t seek medical help “for fear of having Child Protective Services called, lack of faith and trust in medical services and religious reasons.”

It is the “religious reasons” that have so many people appalled. “Welch has posted about CPS, a distrust of doctors and his religious beliefs on Facebook in often rambling videos,” DM added. “He spoke in one about refusing to get his children vaccinated because ‘God is sovereign over disease’.”

Doctors, Welch claimed, were “priesthoods of the medical cult.”

When his daughter died, he posted this: “Heart is about shattered right now. Woke up to Mary dead in her bed this morning – this evening had our children removed and placed on ‘no contact’ because Tati and I are the worst parents ever – Thankfully they are with grandma and grandpa.”

“Just numb inside right now. And I’m really enjoying the loving embrace of an isolation cell from the cops and government employees who keep assuring me ‘they are only here to help’.”

Welch is passionate about his beliefs. Reports say he hand paints signs that he posts on his property that express these beliefs. “Repent. Believe. Obey,” one reads.

“It didn’t seem smart that you would be saving people who weren’t the fittest,” Welch said in a video. “If evolution believes in survival of the fittest, why are we vaccinating everybody? Shouldn’t we just let the weak die off and let the strong survive?”

The couple has two other kids. Neither are vaccinated.

The pair are due back in court on August 20th to face charges of felony murder. If convicted, they could spend life in prison.