Chinese Toddler Attacks Police With Metal Pipe Attempting to Defend Grandmother [VIDEO]

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The government in China has a fair amount of control over its citizens and it appears that one toddler has had enough of the government’s interference in his life. The young boy wielded a metal pipe against a group of law enforcement officers who were reportedly dealing with the boy’s grandmother.

According to the description posted along with the video on Youtube:

A video went viral on Chinese social media from Thursday shows a toddler picking up a steel pipe trying to defend his grandma from a group of Chengguan, the urban management force installed in Chinese cities whose job ranges from clamping down on illegal street vendors to enforcing rules on city sanitation, landscaping and parking.

The toddler was captured shouting “don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma!” repeatedly while he held a steel pipe measured some twice his height, trying to push the Chengguan away. Onlookers’ laughter was heard throughout the whole video.

The short video got hundreds of thousands of views on Chinese micro blogging platform Weibo, but a lot of the captions went with the sharing post were saying “this is just so funny! cute!” “wow, this kid’s future sure will be promising”, only a short portion questioned what the Chengguan had done to the kid and his grandma.

The video has been viewed millions of times across the various social media platforms it has been posted to.