Chilling Video of Congressional Baseball Shooting Released [VIDEO]

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After a day filled with nearly constant coverage of the shooting at the GOP’s morning baseball practice, video has emerged of the shooting. Noah Nathan was walking his dog by the ballpark in Alexandria, Virginia as the shooting began. He caught the incident on camera, or most of it.  He began filming after the first shots, and recorded through the end.

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The footage is from a distance away. Nathan hit the deck when the shooting began, and took cover behind a steel trashcan. All the while, he continued to record. Here’s how the layout looked from above.

The footage lasts for several minutes. During that time, it is clear that one person is down on the field. Others can be seen moving around the dugout, trying to find where the shooter is. He appears to be up in the center of the screen, moving in and out of view between the edge of the purple building and the parked black SUV.

He’s also wearing black, which makes him harder to see at times.

The gunfire isn’t constant. James Hodgkinson, who has been identified as the shooter, seemed to have been picking his shots and shooting sporadically. But over such a long period of time, he had time to get off an many shots. Some are estimating there are 70 heard on this video, though those are from the shooter and the responding police officers, too.

Five people were shot. Rep. Scalise is the one in the field. It appears he was shot first. He’s clearly down by the time Nathan begins recording.

At one point, Hodgkinson emerges from cover without his rifle and begins walking in the open. He may be carrying a pistol, but it appears he is making himself an easy target. More police had arrived on scene, and he swings out in front of the building where many are taking shelter.

At this point, the police unleash a hail of gunfire and he goes down. It is difficult to see, but the police are in the left hand side of the image above. They approach him, guns drawn, and fire more rounds. Hodgkinson was pronounced dead later Wednesday at an Alexandria hospital.

After this point, when the shooter is down, Scalise’s teammates rush the field and begin first aid.

As you might image, the language on the video is intense.