Child Dangled Out Window by His Dad to Try to Get 1,000 Facebook Likes

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Sometimes people try to garner fame for all the wrong reasons, or they go about it the wrong way. This story falls in the second category. An Algerian father will be behind bars for the next two years after he posted an image on his Facebook account of him dangling his infant son outside his 15th floor apartment.

The father did the dangerous stunt as a way to receive social media “likes.” The caption to the image of the unidentified infant read:”1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

It should come as no surprise when Facebook users saw the image and the caption they were disgusted. Many called for the father to face child abuse charges. Prosecutors agreed with the concerned commenters and took him to court.

The father, who is believed to reside in the town of Bab Ezzouar, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Daily News. Media activist Dalila Belkheir called the man, “not a father but a terrorist” while rights activist Ali Ben Jeddou told the website Alaraby, “this man should be brought to justice and punished in the most severe way.”

The incident resembles the infamous Micheal Jackson stunt when he dangled his infant son Prince over a hotel window balcony. The late superstar was arrested shortly after the incident as well.

Those who looked at this current image in greater detail came to the conclusion that the father cared more about a phone and his social media account than his infant son.

“What is most striking is that it appears that the father is carrying his son with his left hand while using his right hand to take the picture. This means the picture is more important than the child’s life,” one viewer wrote.

The accused man spoke to BBC and defended his actions by arguing that the image had been altered by the internet, and he would never put a child in danger. “The picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers. These were removed,” he explained.

The court seemed to disagree with his assessment of the situation, and the judge stated that it was clear that the child’s life was in danger. He sentenced him to the max sentence of two years in prison.