Cheerleader Body Slams Bully Who Won’t Leave Her Alone. [VIDEO]

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Some moments are destined to live forever in the vast library of Youtube videos. This is one. It appears to show two young women in what turns out to be a rather one-sided fight. After the aggressor in the video sucker-punches this sitting cheerleader, the cheerleader takes care of business.

The identity of the two young women hasn’t been confirmed. The incident appears to have happened at some kind of high school event, as one of them is wearing a cheerleading uniform.

The videos begin with the woman in yellow getting in the face of the cheerleader, and accusing her of insulting her. What comes before this is not clear, but the tension was enough that witnesses began recording.

“Nobody wants to fight,” the cheerleader says. “No one wants to fight with you guys.”

But the woman in yellow is standing over her and throws a punch which connects with the cheerleader’s face.

That was all it took. After trying to defuse the situation, the cheerleader chooses a more direct approach to its conclusion. She fights.

The woman in yellow clearly underestimated her opponent. She also failed to capitalize on her obvious size advantage.

The result is a beating for the ages.

Sierra Sprague, shared the video on Twitter. “so my little sister got in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.’

What’s happened since? Some have wondered if the cheerleader was disciplined for her actions, as she was wearing a school uniform when the fight occurred.

The replies on Twitter were sufficiently embarrassing for the bully. It was enough, finally, for Sierra to attempt to cut them off.

“alright guys, it was funny for awhile but i think she gets it. she got put in her place & i’m sure she knows better from now on. let’s chill on her & instead lets spread some love & positivity i wanna see everyone compliment each other in the replies or something”

“i mean she shouldn’t have done what she did and i’m glad twitter put her in a her place so hopefully she can learn from this, grow, & become a better person bc if nobody said anything she would just keep doing what she was doing you feel me?”

“but she probably isn’t feeling too good right now & i would never want it to get to the point where they don’t wanna be on this earth anymore. i believe everybody deserves a second chance & that she got what she deserves but to learn from it”