Check Out This Super-Human Volleyball Save: Highlight of the Year? [VIDEO]

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The fall sports season has, so far, been dominated by professional athletes kneeling. There are some impressive college football highlights, too, but this high school volleyball game featured a moment that has many people watching the super-human moment over and over again.

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Autumn Finney, from Decatur High School in Texas, is the center of attention. Her team was visiting Krum High School. The team from Decatur had a hard time handling a spike from Krum, and the ball was hit twice–but in the wrong direction.

With only one touch left, Finney ran from the net, jumped over another player and managed to clobber the ball. Not only did she hit it, but she put it back over the net.

As often happens in volleyball, the back and forth continued. Luckily for Finney, her efforts were not in vain. They won the point.

Part of what makes Finney’s display so incredible is what happened after her hit. She landed hard, but jumped up and ran right back to her position. Her dedication is easy to see.


Watch the videos here for different angles on the incredible shot.

Here is the same stunning shot, but from another angle.