Check Out the Major Upgrades the White House is Getting [PHOTOS]

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President Trump has allegedly been critical of the White House, telling some golfing buddies that it was a “complete dump” according to unnamed sources. He has since claimed that those words were never uttered, but the new construction taking place at the White House while Trump is away on his “working vacation” in New Jersey would seem to indicate that the Trumps did feel some updates were needed.

The renovation started in the West Wing last Friday and will proceed until Trump returns from New Jersey.

The large cranes surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Ave are reportedly there to replace a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. According to one White House official, the old HVAC system was estimated to have been there for 84 years.

The steps leading to the south lawn at the South Portico steps are also being restored for the first time since President Dwight Eisenhower was in office.

The White House has heavy foot traffic day and night, so understandably, it’s time for new carpet throughout the West Wing as well.

The Hill reported that other improvements are taking place on the historic grounds. The Navy’s mess kitchen is being refurbished as well as other cosmetic upgrades to make the inside of the West Wing more appealing.

CNN has reported that there have been some extensive ceiling leaks in need of repair as well as testing the structural integrity of Trump’s “new” home.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is still working in the White House until the end of August, took some of the press on a brief tour of the renovations taking place.

The Oval Office walls are completely covered in plastic, and all of the furniture is moved out as renovations are taking place in there as well. The East Wing of the White House is scheduled to be renovated in the near future also.

Secret Service has been on high alert as a gaggle of new faces have been coming in and out of the White House during the renovations. Many of the Secret Service agents have been seen walking the grounds with assault rifles and their armor vests showing.

Trump is scheduled back at the White House Monday for a brief visit, and something tells me he’ll be pleased.