Chaos in Courtroom as Judge is Literally Dragged Away to Prison [VIDEO]

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Chaos erupted in a courtroom after Tracie Hunter, a former judge, received a six-month sentence for using her position to assist her youth corrections officer brother by illegally passing him confidential documents. Hunter seemed shocked by her sentence and had to be forcibly dragged out of the courtroom by an officer.

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The incident took place on Monday in an Ohio courtroom.

Hunter was elected into a judge position in 2010. According to a report by the Daily Mail, she was suspended four years later after it was discovered that she was passing her brother confidential documents illegally as he was facing a disciplinary hearing in 2013 that could have cost him his job. Her brother, Stephen Hunter, was accused of hitting a young offender while on the job.

When Hunter’s brother’s boss recommended that Stephen be fired, Hunter demanded and gained access to documents regarding the incident and passed the improperly gathered materials along to her brother.

Hunter was indicted on eight felony counts, including unlawful interest in a contract in regards to her brother’s case as well as unrelated charges for forgery and tampering with evidence.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker stated in court that he had received letters and recommendations urging against Hunter’s incarceration. However, he decided to order her to serve time.

Along with the six-month jail sentence, Hunter will also have to serve one year of probation.

When Hunter learned of her six-month sentence, she froze, locking her legs straight. The courtroom also erupted in anger as Hunter’s supporters reacted to the sentence.

Hunter had to be physically dragged out of the courtroom by an officer.

Over two dozen protesters were present during the sentencing hearing, some of whom were wearing t-shirts that read “Justice for Judge Tracie M. Hunter.”

A female protester was arrested after she attempted to block officers from placing Hunter in handcuffs.