CHAOS IN CHARLOTTE: Shots Fired. 1 Dead. CNN Reporter Attacked on Air. Store Looted. Officer Injured

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Charlotte, North Carolina is currently in a state of chaos following protests that began peacefully, but ultimately turned violent. One person is a dead. A police officer is injured and a CNN field reporter was attacked and tackled while delivering a live on-air reporter.

The protests were in response to the police shooting of Keith Lamont yesterday. Family members claim Lamont was unarmed and waiting for his children when he was killed by police. However, police claim Lamont was armed.

According to a CNN report on Anderson Cooper’s show:

According to an Associated Press report:

Charlotte officials say a man shot during a protest has died but was not wounded by a police officer.

The city of Charlotte made the announcement Wednesday night on its Twitter feed.

The man was shot as police in riot gear protected an upscale hotel in downtown Charlotte.

After the shooting, protesters began throwing bottles, dirt clods and fireworks at the officers. The police fired flash grenades and then tear gas back, dispersing the crowd of several hundred.

But groups of protesters kept marching around downtown, followed by police in riot gear who continued to fire tear gas at them.

Meanwhile, a CNN reporter was attacked and tackled to the ground while delivering a live report on national television. Here is video of the incident:

Reports are just now coming in that the official Charlotte Hornets store was looted during part of the protests amidst the chaos of the shooting.