CHANGE MY MIND: Steven Crowder Sits Down with 2nd Amendment Opponents in New Series [VIDEO]

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Steven Crowder has produced an intriguing new video series titled Change My Mind where he challenges passersby to engage him in one-on-one conversations in attempts to have him switch his stance. The discussions all take place in public, and his political position is clearly displayed. During one video, Crowder got people talking with the “real conversation” starter, “I’m Pro-Gun.”

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Describing the premise of the show, Crowder stated, “We actually allow people from other points of view to come up and proactively change my mind.” He also asserts that “the point of this exercise is to actually get people to question their own point of view and see if their argument is rational.”

One episode is focused on the Second Amendment. Crowder explains his point of view to a woman named Danny, saying, “I’m very pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment, change my mind. I’m open.”

Danny isn’t blatantly opposed to the “intent” of the Second Amendment and, after she has him clarify a few points in his position, it appears they have some common ground.

What ultimately transpires is a conversation about the effectiveness of firearms for issues like home defense and Danny expressing a concern with “concealed carry laws” and a person’s ability to “grab [your gun] off your person and threaten you with it.”

Crowder makes the point that “someone could take your car and run you over with it,” and asks, “Does that mean we can’t sell you a car?”

While Danny acknowledges that cars “kill way more people than guns” she argues that they are necessary “to get from point A to point B.”

This leads to an intriguing discussion about the availability of options and whether her point supports that cars must be on the road even though they kill people.

Crowder ultimately asks, “Is it your contention that because something you can legally own could be used against you or someone else, the government has the right to tell you that you couldn’t own said item? Is that your presupposition?”

Danny states she doesn’t have an issue with people owning guns, just that they need a “good reason” to carry one in public. When asked to provide an example of a “good reason,” outside of the “sports and hunting aspect” or transporting a firearm or why the government should be able to limit a person’s ability to “protect themselves,” Danny stated, “The whole point of having a government is to trust the government to protect you.”

Crowder adamantly disagrees.

The conversations featured in the video are largely thoughtful and engaging, making it clearer that Crowder is well informed regarding both his position and those that people will likely present.

You can view the full video below.