Champion Matador Killed by Bull After Tripping on Cape in Front of Thousands [VIDEO]

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Ivan Fandino is known as a top-tier matador in the world of bullfighting, but an unfortunate mishap cost him his life at a France Festival Saturday afternoon. The 36-year-old was facing off against a bull named Provechito, which is slang for “burp,” when he tripped on his cape, causing the bull to throw him into the air.

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On his way down, Fandino was gored in his chest by the half-ton bull’s horn. Spectators originally didn’t know Fandino was injured as applause still echoed throughout the area, according to one witness. “Ivan was caught by surprise and suffered the consequences,” the witness said. “People were cheering, to begin with, thinking everything was under control.”

“Then we realised that Ivan was very badly hurt, and he was rushed away by other matadors, supported by paramedics.”

Fellow matadors who were with Fandino told the media that his last words allegedly were, “Hurry up, I’m dying!”

Paramedics soon carried the married father of one to a nearby hospital where it was found he had suffered serious injuries to his lung and kidneys. On the way to the hospital, Fandino, unfortunately, suffered a heart attack and died shortly after.

The bull, Provechito, was injured during his bout with the matador and was eventually killed after Fandino was taken from the arena.

The Humane Society has long disagreed with the sport of bullfighting citing, “No-one should lose their life for entertainment, human or animal.” Fandino’s death marks the second time within a year that a world-renowned matador has been killed by a bull.

Spanish matador, Victor Barrio, died in a fight in Spain after he was also gored by the bull he was facing off against.

Critics of the sport use the deaths of the matadors to strengthen their argument that the sport is barbaric and needs to be put to rest permanently. Others argue that the possibility of death comes with the territory and is etched within history.