Caught on Video: Care Worker Punches Terrified Elderly Dementia Patient In The Face 11 Times

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Shocking surveillance footage shows a brutal attack on an 89-year-old man suffering from dementia. The incident, which occurred May 8th in a Canadian nursing home, shows an attendant striking the elderly man 11 times. The worker was arrested and charged with assault.

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Patient George Karam’s family became concerned after the 89-year-old kept showing mysterious injuries. Karam’s grandson, Daniel Nasrallah, decided to try and catch what was happening by placing a surveillance camera inside the room.

The workers were made aware of the camera shortly after its installation, according to the family. When Nasrallah reviewed the footage that Monday morning, he was shocked to see what the camera had captured.

Personal support worker Jie Xiao came into the elderly man’s room to change his diaper. Xiao was at first threatening to the patient, balling his fist up and acting as if he was going to strike the man. To Nasrallah’s horror, Xiao did then strike his grandfather repeatedly.

The footage shows Xiao punching Karam in his face. Karam, who was visibly terrified, tried to protect himself to some extent but was too weak. It was reported by the Citizen that Karam was hit 11 times before Xiao put a blanket over him and left the room.

“I literally stood up and fell down, my legs gave way because I didn’t know how to respond to this,” Nasrallah recalled. The family of Karam was especially shocked as Xiao knew the camera was in the room but blatantly disregarded it. “We have a camera on him, and even that doesn’t deter him. To me, that’s mind-blowing,” Nasrallah added.

According to the Daily Mail, the family immediately headed over to the retirement home in Ottawa, Canada, in order to alert the staff and put an end to Xiao’s abuse. As luck would have it, as the family entered Karam’s room, they discovered Xiao there.

The family held Xiao in the room until authorities could arrive at the scene. The Ottawa police are currently investigating to see if any more patients were injured in his care. Xiao has since pleaded guilty to the crime of assault and is scheduled to be sentenced later this year.