CAUGHT ON CAMERA: B-52 Bombing Raid Decimates ISIS in One of Its First Runs [VIDEO]

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Just days after being deployed to Iraq and the fight against ISIS, America’s heaviest bomber, the B-52, is making it’s presence felt in a very big way. And it was caught on camera.

As part of a ramped up campaign against the terror group, the mammoth B-52 Stratofortress drops a string of bombs through a weapons facility near the hotly contested town of Mosul.

[scroll down for video]


Air Force officials went out of their way to specify that this was a precision attack – not carpet bombing – but the effect on the target is absolutely devastating.


The raid is seen as a sign of a serious uptick in American direct action against the terror group. Combined with the recent change that allows a three star general in Iraq to authorize missions rather than a four-star at US Central Command in Florida, it seems the gloves are coming off and ISIS will pay the price.