Carjacker Has Pants Pulled Off and is Dragged Down Street by Defiant Driver [VIDEO]

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A would-be carjacker was injured when the driver of the SUV he targeted decided they weren’t going to be a crime victim. The suspect was seen punching other cars as he attempted to gain access to a vehicle. When he grabbed hold of an SUV, his hand became stuck. The driver kept going, dragging the man across the asphalt.

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As reported by the NY Daily News, the incident, which occurred in near an elementary school in Kent, Washington, was captured on video and subsequently posted on Twitter.

The clip shows the unidentified man being dragged down the road after his hand became trapped in the door handle of an SUV. At one point during the encounter, the man’s pants begin to come off as he is pulled across the road’s surface.

After a few moments, the SUV comes to a stop. The would-be carjacker then gets up and tries to enter the vehicle once more.

In the video, you can clearly see road-burn along the man’s backside.

The driver of the SUV begins to pull away again, taking the man along for the ride once more. The video ends when the vehicle again comes to a stop, and a passing car blocks the camera.

The man was a suspect in several other attempted carjackings in the area and was ultimately taken into custody by Kent police officers. He was also taken to the hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Other victims sustained minor injuries during the altercation. According to local police, the suspect attacked them during the incident.

The case is still under investigation.