Cards Warning That Guns Scare Veterans Are Popping Up in Texas. Combat Veterans are Pissed.

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A Texas man is under fire from military veterans for handing out cards saying that the sight of firearms is a trigger for veterans with PTSD.

Art Leal, a former tank mechanic who served in Desert Storm, is handing out the cards to Texas businesses that support the Second Amendment and allow people to open carry firearms in compliance with the new Texas law.


Whatever Leal’s issues may be, other veterans haven’t looked to kindly on him for declaring himself the grand pubah of veteran PTSD and for claiming firearms and veterans don’t mix.

A local veteran hands out cards to businesses urging them to re-think open carry because it could be a trigger point for…

Posted by Local 2 News – KMID on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

“A lot of times the gun itself will stress the veteran,” Leal said. “They have rapid heart beat, they feel very anxious and can’t function.”

Drew Norman, an Army veteran who deployed to Iraq veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart, posted to Leal’s page:


Of course, that post was deleted by Leal himself in less than two minutes. But Norman wasn’t the only veteran to take notice:


Seems like Art Leal is pimping out his service and using it to push an agenda on the backs of veterans who absolutely disagree with him.