Canadian Hockey Player Rips Off Silver Medal After Losing to Rival US Team [VIDEO]

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After losing to their arch-rivals in the Olympic women’s hockey finals on Thursday, one 29-year-old Olympian didn’t hide her disappointment. The game, which highly anticipated, ended after a dramatic shootout, ending one nation’s gold medal streak that had lasted through four Olympic games. And, during the medal ceremony, Jocelyn Larocque did something unexpected.

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As Team USA was celebrating their victory, ending a 20-year streak of missing the gold, the Canadian team saw their streak end. Ultimately, after the shootout, the Canadians were bested, though still landed on the podium, earning the silver medal.

Larocque and her teammates were understandably disappointed, but Larocque surprised viewers and attendees when she removed the silver medal from her neck immediately after receiving it.

As reported by the Daily Mail, for over half an hour, Larocque refused to don the medal for anyone, including her teammates, even as American fans began shouting, “Put your medal on.”

“It’s just hard,” said Larocque during a post-game interview. “You work so hard. We wanted gold but didn’t get it.”

Social media users weren’t kind to Larocque, with some calling her “classless” and a “poor loser” for immediately removing the medal after it was presented.

Larocque did wear her medal after the post-game interview as a hockey governing body official told her she needed to put it on.

Prior to the 2018 Olympics, Canada’s women’s hockey team had won four Olympics in a row.

Team USA was aiming to break the streak, taking the lead by the end of the first period thanks to Hilary Knight, a former Boston Pride star. But the Canadians rallied, scoring two goals during the second period.

However, a late goal by Monique Lamoureux on the US team created a 2-2 tie, sending the match into sudden-death overtime. During the shootout, she scored again, securing the gold for Team USA.