California Real ID Standards Deemed Inadequate. 2 Million ID Holders Must Submit More Documentation

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A potential disaster is brewing for the state, impacting over 2 million existing Real ID holders. The Department of Homeland Security has determined that the process for issuing the federally recognized IDs in California was lacking, so current cardholders will need to provide additional documentation to validate their ID cards.

The Department of Homeland Security, according to a report by ABC 30, has notified the California DMV that the process the state was using to issue Real IDs was insufficient. Those who already have Real IDs will have to submit additional documentation.

Approximately 2.3 million Real IDs were issued in California using the old process.

Federal standards require Real ID applicants to “present at least two documents of the State’s choice that include the individual’s name and principal residence.” California failed to meet that requirement, allowing applicants to provide only one paper document for the validation process.

While the existing Real IDs will remain sufficient for travel, driving, and as a form of picture ID in the meantime, changes to the validation process will require cardholders who went through the old method to go through extra steps in the future.

When the existing IDs come up for renewal, additional documentation to prove residency will be required.

New applicants will also have to use the updated process, ensuring their Real IDs are valid in the eyes of the federal government.

State Assemblyman Jim Patterson had previously criticized the California DMV for its handling of the new Real IDs. He says that the recent issues are just another example of how the department continually lets Californians down.

The Real ID program supports enhanced security requirements for flying domestically and entering government buildings, using guidelines that were formulated after the events of 9/11.