California Congressman Walked Out on Moment of Silence For Texas Shooting Victims [VIDEO]

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After another mass shooting, one Democratic lawmaker had seemingly had enough. During a moment of silence on the House Floor Tuesday, Representative Ted Lieu walked out of chambers and proceeded to wait in the hall. Lieu has been an outspoken critic of Trump and the Republican stance on guns since he was elected.

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After news broke of him leaving during the moment of silence, Lieu took the criticism head-on explaining in a Facebook live video that he “will not be silent.”

“My colleagues right now are doing a moment of silence in the House of Representatives chambers. I respect their right to do that and I myself have participated in many of them.”

He added: “But I can’t do this again; I’ve been to too many moments of silences. In just my short period in congress three of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history have occurred. I will not be silent.”

Lieu insisted that instead of holding moments of silence every time another mass shooting takes place, the representatives of the country should work instead to reform gun laws.

“I urge us to pass reasonable gun safety legislation, including a universal background check law supported by 80 percent of Americans, a ban on assault rifles and a ban on bump stocks,” Lieu said.

According to The Hill, Democrats had asked Republicans to reopen the discussion on gun control after Sunday’s latest attack but were denied.

Lieu’s stance comes after gunman Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 people inside a small church in Texas on Sunday. Kelley wore all black as he entered, shooting women and children alike with a reported Ruger AR-556 assault rifle.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told the press that Kelley was denied a gun license to carry due to his dishonorable discharge from the Air Force but passed a background check and did purchase the rifle in April of 2016.

Two local gun owners stopped possible additional attacks shooting their own weapons at Kelley as he raced from the scene. Kelley took his own life after the car chase, according to Breitbart.