‘BYE FELICIA’: Argument Over Woman’s ‘Designer’ Hair Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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Video of an argument that centered on a woman’s hairdo has gone viral. In the clip, two female bus passengers after the woman with the extravagant hairstyle accuses the other of having an issue with her. The pair then erupts into a back-and-forth that carries on for about a minute and a half.

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The footage, which, according to a report by the Daily Mail, was captured on Friday, shows a pair of women in a heated verbal exchange while riding a bus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The woman with the sky-high updo initially alleges that the woman next to her has had issues with her in the past.

While the second woman denies that they had previously had a problem, she also alludes to the idea that the woman with the designer hairstyle may have mistaken her for someone else because her hairdo could prevent her from seeing clearly.

“Can you see me?” she asks.

The woman with the hairstyle fires back, saying, “I see whatever the hell I want to see, so I can see you crazy a**.”

This comment furthers the argument, with the pair debating which of them is actually crazy, and the woman asserting that the passenger with the hairdo is “hilarious.”

Many of the other passengers seem to try and remain uninvolved, though a few can be seen giggling as the women argue.

The person filming the incident also takes a moment to pan over the overly styled woman’s entire look, including an animal print bag and matching, incredibly long fingernails.

Before the video ends, the woman with the hairdo claims that she often receives compliments for her appearance.

“I look good because plenty of people can’t wear this, including you,” she says. “I get compliments all the time. Can you say that?”

“No,” she adds before ending with a classically dismissive closing, “Bye Felicia.”