Buzz Aldrin Really Wants Humans to Reach Mars and He’s Leaving us the Tool to Do So [VIDEO]

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World-renowned astronaut Buzz Aldrin hopes that his love of space exploration will inspire future generations to continue to explore the final frontier. While Aldrin’s frontier was the moon, Mars is now our focus. The idea of humans traveling to Mars was previously unfathomable, but with the advancement of technology, it’s now a possibility.

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Aldrin has made it known that he believes we should be focusing on Mars as our next expedition. While new scientific discoveries are important, he says we should visit the planet just because it’s there.”People ask me all the time why we should go to Mars. Because it’s there!” Aldrin told A Plus. “We’re explorers. Why do we climb the highest mountain? To see what’s on the other side.”

The 87-year-old has given a few possible theories as to how we can reach Mars, but he knows it will be up to the next generation to make it happen. In a message meant to encourage today’s youth, Aldrin wrote: “Learn as much as you can. Figure out what you’re good at, try out a lot of things and open your arms wide to opportunities and experiences.”

“There are lots of ways that kids can get excited about space,” he added. “We need astronauts but we also need people in mission control, engineers, technicians, computer programmers, doctors, and scientists.”

He isn’t just giving kids words of encouragement. Aldrin and his organization ShareSpace Foundation have revamped themselves and are now offering k-12 STEAM education. STEAM education provides a path for kids interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

“Science is fun and exciting, but it’s not always presented that way to kids,” Aldrin explained. “This is why we include the arts for a well-rounded education. The younger generation will be at the forefront of technological advancements. I call them GENERATION MARS because they will be the ones carrying out Mars missions.”

Aldrin, a realist, knows that with the current funding of NASA, there is little chance that humans will reach Mars in his lifetime. But he hopes that his foundation will encourage kids to continue space exploration so that one day some of them will know what it feels like to go where no man has gone before.