Business Refused to Refund $40 Over Botched Father’s Day Gift. Ended Up Costing Them Hundreds

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The internet is full of stories about shady operations, ill fated Kick Starters, and sketchy charities, but most people still feel like they can generally trust a local brick and mortar location to stand behind their products. However, as this story posted to reddit shows, crappy businesses can exist anywhere.

User samunseen on Reddit, posted the following story on r/ProRevenge sub-reddit about how he was finally able to hold a local business responsible over a botched $40 Father’s Day Present.

The story starts with some background, including the interesting fact that Father’s Day is in September in Australia:

Story time:

Last September, my wife had planned a wonderful Father’s Day present for me. (Father’s Day is in September in Australia).

This was to be my first ever Father’s Day as a new dad. So to mark the occasion. My wife had arranged to have our daughters face laser etched onto a dog tag.

However, the day before Father’s Day, she received the item back and it was, shall we say —Sub-Par— so she came to me and showed me my present early.

After receiving this, the couple did what anyone who received a less than advertised product would do, they went down to the retailer to try and get things sorted out.

However, the retailer ultimately refused to fix their mistake and would not issue a refund. They even reportedly threatened to call security if the couple didn’t leave.

Of course, this didn’t sit well, and at this point the most immediate action that could be taken was to leave a negative online review for the business, which the couple did. Not a big deal for most businesses. Any retailer is bound to get a less than stellar review at some point. However, the owner apparently threatened the couple with violence over the review, threatened to take out a restraining order, and contacted the local authorities. However, the business never did any of those things, but the couple did.

From the post:

We immediately called all local police stations and were delighted to hear that they had never heard of the company in question.

After some thought, and me being the stubborn bastard that I am. I decided to forward the matter on to the local small claims tribunal.

A month or so passed and our day in the tribunal had arrived. We honestly weren’t expecting the engraver to show up. But lo and behold. There he was. At a civil claims court. In camo pants and a hoodie.

We met in a room with a mediator, who told us that it may not be worth chasing a 40 dollar refund from someone who is —in short— a dickhead. She warned that it may end up costing more than the service to begin with. But, as mentioned before, I am a stubborn bastard. We pushed forward, opting to go to hearing. This is when we heard some marvellous news from the engraver.

“Oh, I’m not prepared to go to hearing today, I haven’t got any of my evidence.”

Well, it’s no surprise that the tribunal ruled in favor of the couple and ordered the business to pay a $40 refund back to the couple within 2 weeks. The 2 weeks came and past, and once the payment was late, the amount owed went up interest, fines, and penalties. The couple let the business owner know about the increase via a text message:

While all of this was going on, the couple was also communicating with the engraver’s landlord, who ultimately ended up terminating the engraver’s lease due to a number of complaints.

Once the engraver was finally setup as his new business location, the sheriff ended up having to show up to collect the owed refund + fines, fees and interest, which at this point had escalated to $225.

Needless to say that with the threat of more legal issues in front of him, the engraver finally issued the refund.