Business Mogul Spent $660,000 on Hitler Memorabilia Only to Hand it Over to a Jewish Group

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A businessman made news last week after he spent $660,000 on Hitler memorabilia, which included Hitler’s personal cigar box, a collapsible top hat worn by Hitler and several handwritten letters from when he was a child, among other personal objects. Instead of keeping them, the business mogul decided to give Hitler’s personal belongings to a Jewish organization.

Abdallah Chatila, a real estate mogul who lives in Sweden, bought the high priced objects for one purpose: To stop it from falling in the “wrong hands.”

“I did it for humanity,” he told CNN. “I just wanted to take them off circulation.” Chatila originally intended on purchasing the objects to later destroy them, but he decided against it when he was approached by Keren Hayesod who runs a non-profit group for the Jewish community in Israel.

“I wanted to destroy [them],” Chatila explained. “But in the end giving them to a Jewish organization might be a more fitting end to the story.”

All of the items will be shipped to Hayesod in the coming weeks. Chatila has left it up to Hayesod as to what happens next to the objects.

“It is extremely important to me that items from this painful historical era do not land in the wrong hands,” he said. “In these days, where tendencies of nationalism and anti-Semitism are growing in Europe, I would like to set an example with the means I have.”

According to the New York Post, Chatila spent “$55,400 for Hitler’s top hat, about $144,000 for the Führer’s swastika-emblazoned anti-Semitic manifesto “Mein Kampf” and roughly $5,000 for his companion Eva Braun’s cocktail dress.”

With anti-semitism on the rise throughout the world, Chatila says he simply wants to do his part to keep it from growing further.

“Far-Right populism and anti-Semitism are spreading all over Europe and the world, I did not want these objects to fall into the wrong hands and to be used by people with dishonest intentions.”

Even though he spent over $600,000 on objects he planned to destroy, Chatila doesn’t regret spending the amount he did. In fact, he said he would do it again given the opportunity.