Bush Family Wants Trump to Attend Funeral But Won’t Let Him Speak

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While there’s no official protocol on the matter, sitting presidents often deliver the eulogies for their predecessors when they pass. President George H.W. Bush’s funeral will be different, though. President Trump will be in attendance, but he will not be speaking. In fact the family has asked someone else to deliver the eulogy.

The discord with the Bush family and Donald Trump escalated during the run up to the 2016 election. “The last thing we need is another Bush in the White House,” Trump said. “Would be the same old thing (remember ‘read my lips, no more taxes’).”

Trump took on Jeb Bush in the primaries and was wholly dismissive of Bush’s candidacy.

George H.W. Bush seemed to be no fan of Trump, either. “I don’t like him,” Bush told reporters. “I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.”

The 41st President, a man steeped in Republican politics, skipped the convention where Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate. He even voted for Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election.

After the election, though, many expected the animosity to ease. It did not. When Barbara Bush passed in April of this year, President Trump went to Mar-a-Lago instead of to her funeral.

Still, the remains of George H.W. Bush, who passed Friday at age 94, will be in Washington D.C. Monday. Bush will lie in state at the US Capitol until his invitation-only funeral service in Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday.

“Despite antipathy between the Bush family and President Donald Trump, the 41st president made clear he wanted America’s current leader to be at the funeral, putting the institution of the presidency above personal animosities,” CNN writes.

“Trump has confirmed he will attend the event, which follows a series of national disasters and tragedies and moments of public mourning that have caused critics to fault his behavior as short of that expected of a president.”

The President canceled events at the G20 summit when news of Bush’s passing broke. He even sent one of the 747s that serve as Air Force One to fly the remains to Washington.

“We’ll be spending three days of mourning and three days of celebrating a really great man’s life,” Trump said from Argentina.

“So we look forward to doing that, and he certainly deserves it. He really does. He was a very special person.”

The eulogy will be delivered by George W. Bush.