Bus Driver Kicks Every Passenger Off for Failing to Make Room for Man in a Wheelchair

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A bus driver is being hailed as a hero after kicking all of his passengers off the bus when they failed to make space for a wheelchair user who wanted to get on board. Then, he allowed Francois Le Berre, a man with multiple sclerosis who uses a wheelchair, and Le Berre’s brother to board and left the others behind.

Le Berre and his brother were waiting at a bus stop in Porte de Clichy in the suburbs of Paris, France.

When the bus arrived, the passengers who were already on board failed to make room for Le Berre, so he couldn’t use the access ramp to get onto the bus.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, when the driver noticed what was happening, he shouted “Terminus,” telling everyone to deboard.

Once the bus was empty, the driver allowed Le Berre and his brother to get on, then drove off with the pair as his only passengers.

Discussing the incident, Le Berre said, “Yesterday while waiting for the bus in Paris, I laughed because no one wanted to budge.”

“When nobody moved the driver got up and said ‘Terminus! Everybody off the bus!’” Le Berre continued.

“After that, the driver came to see me and said, ‘You and your helper, you can get on, and the others, you can wait for the next one!’”

The story began making the rounds on Twitter thanks to a group called Accessible Pour Tous, which means Accessibility for All.

Comments on the post were incredibly positive, with the majority praising the bus driver, and some users even shared their own stories of when a driver stood up to other passengers to help someone.