Burglar Arrested After Mistaking a Police Car for His ‘Getaway Lyft’

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Nicholas Maziot, a 28-year-old homeless man, made it easy for local law enforcement to apprehend him after he tried to rob a home. When Maziot entered the house, he accidentally woke the couple, who were inside at the time of the incident. Then, he managed to scramble out of a window before making a grave error.

The couple told officers that they were woken up by the sound of someone attempting to open the door on their rear porch at approximately 10:00 pm local time on Thursday, February 14. Moments later, they spotted Maziot, who had gained access to the house through a second-story window.

When Maziot realized that the couple – who lived in the Rochelle Park, New Jersey, home – was awake, he climbed out the window on the second floor, leaping to the ground. According to a report by Rare, several officers were responding to the area, so Maziot decided to order a Lyft to come to pick him up.

Believing that his Lyft driver had arrived, Maziot exited the backyard of the property where he was hiding – approximately one block away from the home he allegedly attempted to burglarize – and hopped into the car.

Once inside, Maziot discovered he was in the back seat of a police car, driven by an officer from the Maywood Police Department.

The officer who was driving the police vehicle soon realized that Maziot was trapped in the car. He was able to take Maziot into custody immediately.

Police say that Maziot admitted that he broke into the house, adding that he thought no one was home at the time.

Maziot was transported to the Bergen County Jail and is facing charges of burglary, possession of burglary tools, criminal attempt of theft, trespassing, criminal mischief, and hindering apprehension.