Bullies Steal and Smash Blind Student’s iPhone on His Birthday [VIDEO]

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On Michael Wishon’s 17th birthday, instead of receiving well wishes from his classmates, he was tormented by a group of students. Wishon, who has special needs and is legally blind, was the target of alleged bullying, and had his iPhone smashed by another teen. Donnie Morton, Wishon’s uncle, posted video of the aftermath of the incident on Facebook, sparking outrage.

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The video was, according to a report by the Daily Mail, recorded by one of Wishon’s tormentors.

Wishon was in masonry class at South Stokes High School in North Carolina when a student took his iPhone and smashed it with a brick.

In the footage, students can be heard taunting and laughing at Wishon. While the video was originally posted on Snapchat, Morton shared the clip along with a message on Facebook.

After detailing how Wishon’s phone was taken from his bookbag by another student and smashed, Morton adds that the school has a policy against bullying, though claims it was not enforced.

Morton stated that the person who took the phone only received one day of in-school suspension, adding that the principal considered the incident “horse play and not [a] malicious act of violence.”

The video also shows the teacher placed blame on Wishon for the incident. “If [the phone] was in your pocket or bookbag, it would have never gotten broke,” said the teacher, who Morton identifies as “Mr. Cox.”

In a follow-up comment, Morton points out that while the teacher reprimands Wishon for having his phone out, other students are actively filming the incident with their phones and don’t seem to receive a similar lecture.

The video shared by Morton has already been viewed over 100,000 times.

Commenters expressed their outrage, stating that the other students exhibited “unacceptable behavior,” with some asserting that they would fire the teacher if they had the ability.