Budweiser and Star Wars Super Star Released 4th of July Commercial Surprising Military Family

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As part of Budweiser’s “Folds of Honor” program, the company created a video featuring Star Wars actor and Marine Corp. veteran Adam Driver showing him delivering a “dream to a family who has sacrificed for their country and for each other” in the form of a scholarship to help the daughter of a wounded soldier afford her college tuition.

Hayley, 21, is studying to be a nurse. Her father, Army veteran John Williams, was injured during a training exercise and, ultimately, medically discharged.

John is unable to work full-time due to his disability, the result of a back injury that required two steel rods and six screws to hold his spine in place. As a result, Hayley has worked 40 hours a week to afford her education.

With her final year of schooling set to cost “nearly $44,000,” a financial burden Hayley stated she likely couldn’t shoulder, she wrote to Budweiser’s “Folds of Honor” program to apply for a scholarship.

Driver and Budweiser stepped in to help, with Driver heading across the country to deliver the news.

John experienced incredible guilt after his injury prevented him from joining his unit on a deployment during Desert Storm, an experience Driver relates to as he was also injured and unable to deploy with his unit.

While speaking with the Williams family, Driver says he was sent by Budweiser to let Hayley know she received the “Folds of Honor” scholarship. Budweiser even went a step further, ensuring Hayley wouldn’t have to worry about any school expenses for the next year.

A letter from Budweiser read, “Your family’s commitment to country is only matched by your commitment to each other. Your hard work, dedication, and caring spirit exemplify what “Folds of Honor” and Budweiser stand for.”

Commenting about the scholarship, Hayley said, “It means everything.”

h/t Young Conservatives