British Media Claims Trump and Melania Broke Numerous Royal Protocols When Meeting Queen [VIDEO]

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In the run-up to President Trump’s first state visit to England, he was undoubtedly briefed on the social expectations that accompany meeting royalty. If the British media is to be believed, Trump’s visit has been marred by numerous gaffs. His meeting with The Queen included a numbering of embarrassing moments, including one where he left Queen Elizabeth waiting for more than 12 minutes.

“The president was late for his first meeting the 92-year-old monarch who was waiting at Windsor Castle for between 12 and 15 minutes in the 80 degree F heat when he was late for their meeting on Friday,” The Daily Mail writes.

Images appeared of The Queen looking impatiently at her watch. Shortly after his late arrival, Trump turned his back on The Queen, and then stood in her path, which forced her to awkwardly walk around him.

When the two first met, President Trump didn’t bow to The Queen. Instead he shook her hand. The First Lady was considered equally rude when she did not curtsy.

“Bowing, for men, and curtsying, for women, are not mandatory when meeting a member of the royal family but is considered traditional and polite,” DM notes.

“The president’s biggest faux pas came when he was invited to join the Queen to inspect the guard of honor.”

“The President looked out of step with the official choreography – causing the Queen to point tentatively and ask him to move to the left. However, Trump failed to pick up on the signal and instead came to an abrupt stop in front of her.”

“Royal etiquette states that one should never turn their back on the monarch, or walk in front of her. Prime Minister Theresa May, who greeted the Queen with a very low curtsy last time they met in public, backs out of the room after her weekly audience with the monarch – as all British prime ministers have before her.”

The reaction on social media was predictably harsh.

Joanna Gasiorowska, Al Jazeera senior sports presenter, wrote “I can’t even watch this… No bow or curtsey [sic] and now #Trump walks in front of the Queen… surely he knows the protocol but chooses to ignore it and that’s just b***** rude.”

“I’m not a monarchist by any stretch of the imagination but this is such an insult to Britain. Absolutely clueless, classless, thoughtless, lacking in any dignity and without a shred of respect,” Matthew McGregor added.

“Very few people are this oblivious to the Actual Queen,” journalist Janine Gibson tweeted.

“Trump has also turned his back on the Queen. I have always believed this to be a mortal insult to a monarch. #offwithhishead #pulledapartbyhorses,” tweeted Ian Beck.

“Who does Trump thinks he is. He comes over to our country on a supposedly working visit berates our Prime Minister on Brexit then back tracks accusing our papers of spreading fake news. Then to add insult to injury he keeps the Queen waiting 15 mins, doesn’t bow just shakes her,hand. Where’s the respect to our Head of State, you do not keep our Head of State waiting for 15 mins for you to arrive by helicopter, who do you think you are. If for some reason our representative kept you waiting for 15 mins we would never hear the end of it. You would yelling from the rooftops about the lack of respect shown to you. You stated the Queen is a tremendous woman and you couldn’t wait to meet her yet you kept her waiting total lack of respect.”