‘Bring me his head!’: Mayor Tells Police to Hunt Down Suspected Serial Killer

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On Thursday, new surveillance footage was released showing a “person of interest” in three separate fatal shootings. Local news reports state that the city’s mayor addressed police officers on Wednesday regarding locating the person responsible for the deaths. “Bring his head to me, alright?” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “Let’s go get it done.”

As reported by ABC News, the new footage shows a person who appears to be similar to the individual seen in an earlier released video of a potential suspect in the Seminole Heights killings. However, in the most recent clip, the “person of interest” can be seen running, using long strides to get down a street.

Interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan discussed the video, saying, “I’ve come up with four reasons why this person is running.” He continued, “One, they may be late for dinner. Two, they’re out exercising. Three, they heard gunshots. And number four, the just murdered Benjamin Mitchell.”

Mitchell, 22, was the first victim in the recent Tampa, Florida, string of shootings. He was shot on October 9. Monica Hoffa, 32, was gunned down just two days later. The third victim, Anthony Naiboa, 20, was shot on October 19. When Naiboa was killed, police were actually patrolling in the area, due to the close proximity of the first two shootings, but were unable to reach Naiboa in time.

On Wednesday, Buckhorn, the mayor of the city of Tampa, instructed police officers to hunt down the suspect and “bring his head to me.”

None of the three victims knew each other. They did, however, all ride the local bus and were alone at the time of the shootings.

In response to the attack, Tampa Electric Co. and local public works teams have worked to cut back foliage, replace burnt-out streetlights, and board up vacant buildings throughout the area. Police have also asked residents to keep their porch lights on after dark.

“We’re going to shine a very, very bright light on this community,” said Buckhorn.

Buckhorn has also made efforts to calm nervous parents before Halloween, insisting it will be safe.

“I’m gonna go out there,” said Buckhorn. I’ll be personally on patrol. And you know what? If somebody wants to walk with me, they can walk with me. I’ll walk with their family and get candy with them. I might even take some of their candy.”