BREAKING: Wife of Orlando Shooter Drove Him to Buy Ammo and to Scout-out Pulse Nightclub

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Noor Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, has told federal agents she tried to talk her husband out of the attack. But the role of Mateen’s second wife continues to get more convoluted and troubling.

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Noor told the FBi that she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster. She even drove him to the nightclub because he wanted to scope it out.

If you believe the allegations that he was a frequent visitor to the club, that visit may be seen differently.

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As everyone would suspect, federal agents are considering filing charges against Noor for failing to disclose the intentions of her husband. No official charges have been filed yet, but it is difficult to see how she would avoid them with such a clear trail of advanced planning in place.

Now, in the aftermath of the attacks, Noor is cooperating with authorities.

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Mateen’s long list of ironic contradictions continues to grow as more and more of his past comes to light. He was born in New York, but ended up in Florida. He worked as a security guard after graduating from River State College with an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

Those who knew him say he was fascinated with criminal justice and with law enforcement. Others who knew a different side of Mateen say he frequented the Pulse nightclub as a regular patron over a three year period.

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So which version is the real Mateen? Or is this long series of contradictions emblematic of the troubled psyche of a man who would go on to murder 49 people in a carefully planned attack?

Those details will sort themselves out soon, but Noor has bigger questions confronting her. As an accessory to this crime–even if she did try to dissuade Mateen from carrying out the attack–she will have to answer very difficult questions. She knew his intentions. She knew he was armed. And she even knew the target.

The couple had a three year old son, too.