BREAKING: Violence Erupts Along Inauguration Parade Route. “This is our Right” [LIVE FEED]

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More than 90 people have been arrested near the Inaugural Parade route and several people have been injured during protests that seem to be turning increasingly violent. Protesters have thrown rocks at police officers and clashed with riot officers who are trying to clear the streets for the inaugural parade.

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Protesters have apparently destroyed several windows at area businesses and vandalized a parked limousine in the area, as shown in the video below:

Thankfully, it seems officers are well organized and well prepared for massive protests.

According to some reports, there are nearly 28,000 law enforcement officers in the area for the inauguration and its surrounding activities.

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Trump took the oath of office and became the 45th President of the United States without incident.

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Despite the protests, CNN reporters have emphasized the overall mood of the inauguration is a positive one with most of the attendees being supportive of the incoming administration.

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According to a NY Times report:

They hauled signs: “Reject, Resist,” “Putin’s Orange Puppet,” “Rage, Rage Against the Dying of Our Rights.”

They chanted — “We are a peaceful protest!” — but by late morning, several shop windows in downtown Washington had been shattered, the air filling with a spray deployed by police.

“This is our right,” said Mica Reel, 21, who took part in an attempted human blockade near an inauguration entrance, “to stand here.”

Here is a live feed of CNN, which includes periodic coverage of the ongoing protests. The inaugural parade is set to begin very soon and it is possible the protests will reach their height at that time as some protesters seem determine to interrupt the parade.