BREAKING: Trump Wins. Democrats Stunned

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As the last of the last votes are still being tallied, the result of the 2016 presidential election seems certain. Donald Trump, perhaps the least likely candidate to ever run for the nation’s highest office, looks to be the sure winner.

This news comes as a devastating blow to the democratic hopeful. Hillary Clinton, the first woman to head a major party’s presidential bid, was the overwhelming favorite as voting began on November 8th. Yet she couldn’t hold on.


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What were the keys to Trump’s victory? He captured the swing states. Florida. North Carolina. Ohio. Estimates now give Trump an estimated 270+ Electoral College votes.


News of Trump’s good night began early. Florida was looking promising for the democrats, yet the early influx of dense coastal population centers couldn’t hold off the onslaught of republican support coming in from the rural areas in central and northern Florida.


North Carolina was a toss-up, but the Clinton camp had placed their hopes in the tar-heels. As the evening progressed, Trump’s lead widened. At this, many of the pundits raised their eyebrows. They began scratching their heads and talking about Trump’s chances.


And they were right to do so. Trump has taken some surprising swing states–states that skewed blue for weeks. Ohio, especially, was an epic loss for the Clinton campaign.

Even Virginia, which was assumed to be a lock, came down to the wire. While the Clinton camp did come out on top, it was incredibly close. The population centers on the outside of Washington D.C. ended up carrying the weight for the rest of the state, which bled red, and it was all that kept Clinton in the race.


As polls closed on the east coast, the play-by-play began in earnest. By 10:00 pm, many were repeating one word, over and over: Trump.