BREAKING: Shooter at Congressional Baseball Practice Identified

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UPDATE 11:39 EST: James T. Hodgkins, the shooter identified in the attack on the Republican members of Congress who were practicing for a charity baseball game this morning, died of his injuries. The President made the announcement during his press conference at 11:39 this morning.

The Washington Post has identified the shooter in this morning’s shooting as James T. Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson, aged 66, is from Bellville, Illinois. Initial reports say he owns a home inspection business. His motives, at this early point, are unknown. It is believed that he was shot by Capitol Police and that he has been transported to a local hospital.

“[Hodgkins’] home inspection license expired in November 2016 and was not renewed, state records show,” the Post reports. Hodgkins, if these initial reports are accurate, was charged with battery in 2006, but the charges were dismissed.

The attack this morning is believed to have targeted the Republican lawmakers. Hodgkins reportedly walked around the practice session, and even asked which political part was practicing at that location. Once he established that is was indeed the Republican team, Hodgkins is believed to have retrieved his weapons and began firing.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Hodgkins is a staunch Democrat. This is based on their research into his existing social media pages.

The attack, which began just after 7:15 this morning, took place in a suburb of Washington D.C. The shooter approached the team’s practice, spoke with bystanders, and then began shooting. A congressional security detail was on scene and engaged the shooter immediately.

As of now, there are no fatalities. Congressman Scalise is out of surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.