Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare FAILS

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Donald Trump and the Republican party planned to have finally dismantled Obamacare today with the passage of their own new health plan. Unfortunately that did not happen as the vote was postponed to Friday because the Republican party has not yet been able to secure enough votes to pass their American Health Care Act.


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This news comes after President Trump held a last minute “sales pitch” meeting with those unsure voters. Many House Freedom Caucus members have openly said they couldn’t support the new bill in its current state.

The White House isn’t deterred by the decision to postpone the voting and expressed they were “confident” in the bill passing Friday.


“Debate will commence tonight as planned and the vote will be in the morning to avoid voting at 3 a.m.,” White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “We feel this should be done in the light of day, not in the wee hours of the night and we are confident the bill will pass in the morning.”


In a recent interview with ABC News, the president and caucus members were in the midst of trying to “get creative” with how they could sway votes in their favor.


Sean Spicer stated that the creative meeting was a “positive step” and that the president was “very, very pleased with the direction” in which they were headed.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows explained that the bill isn’t that far off from being approved but there are “30 to 40” votes against the bill at this current point.


Senior administration officials stated that the previous meetings up to this point were “intense.” With the 216 votes needed to approve the bill, Republicans can’t lose more than 21 votes in their caucus.

No Democrats are expected to support the bill, so as of now, it seems that any hold outs from within the Republicans party might be enough to derail this bill.


Several members of the Republican party have been skeptical of the new health act, and a failure to pass the legislation would be a serious blow to Trump’s administration.


It’s no secret that ObamaCare has serious faults and needs to be reformed, but it appears that Republicans may not actually be ready to offer up a reasonable replacement at this time.