BREAKING: Kasich Just Made a Surprise Announcement. Huge News for GOP Nomination

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Yesterday, Presidential candidate Donald Trump won a majority of the votes in the state of Indiana. A state that Senator Ted Cruz himself said was a key state in the remaining effort to stop Trump from securing the GOP nomination.

Shortly after the results came in, Senator Cruz announced that he was suspending his campaign. That left Ohio Governor John Kasich as the last remaining man standing against Trump.

Earlier today, Kasich announced that he was canceling a Washington, DC event and would instead make a speech in his home state of Ohio.

Now, according to sources at NBC, Governor Kasich is set to suspend his campaign later today.

Donald Trump should now easily obtain the needed votes to become the Republican nominee on the first ballot at the Republican convention.

The announcement was somewhat surprising as just last night Kasich’s campaign released a statement saying their campaign strategy was moving forward as planned. The sudden departure of Cruz might have spurred Kasich to today’s action.