BREAKING: ISIS Fighters Kills US Navy SEAL in Iraq

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According to several reports coming out this morning, the United States military suffered a loss in Iraq in the fight against ISIS.

A US military member, reportedly a Navy SEAL according to the Navy Times, was killed by direct fire from ISIS forces.

The man’s name and rank have not yet been released. According to the Navy Times:

A U.S. military official told the Associated Press that the man was an embedded adviser to Kurdish peshmerga troops. He was killed by “direct fire” after Islamic State forces penetrated the peshmerga’s forward line. The American was two to three miles behind that front line, the official said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with that service member’s family,” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said. “It shows that there is a serious fight that we have to wage in Iraq. There are American service members involved.”

“It is a combat death, of course,” he said. “And a very sad loss.”

Numerous elite US troops have been in the area for some time now advising and assisting anti-ISIS forces, such as the peshmerga.