BREAKING: Georgia Tech on Lockdown as Protests Over Police Shooting of LBGT Student Turn Violent [VIDEO]

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Scott “Scout” Schultz, 21, a prominent LBGT activist at Georgia Tech University, was shot and killed by campus police over the weekend after Schultz reportedly approached officers with a knife in hand while saying, “Shoot me,” repeatedly.

Schultz’s family and protesters say that police overreacted and did not need to use lethal force in the situation.

Now, a protest over Schultz’s death has turned violent and has essentially locked down the Atlanta, Georgia campus.

One protesters tossed a flare into a crowd of onlookers and police officers.

Another group set a Georgia Tech Police cruiser on fire:

Shortly thereafter, Georgia Tech’s official Twitter account issued a “shelter in place order”:

According to a report, the initial incident happened as follows:

In a cellphone video, five Georgia Tech police officers, their guns drawn, can be seen surrounding a barefoot suspect they believed was carrying a gun and a knife.

A female officer can be heard yelling, “Come on, let’s drop it!” and a male officer saying, “Drop it.”

Schultz then responds by saying, “Shoot me,” and the male officer replying, “No, drop the knife.”

Schultz, 21, appeared disoriented — and possibly suicidal.

“No one wants to hurt you man, drop the knife,” the male officer was heard saying in the video.

When Schultz stepped toward police, one of them fired a single fatal shot.

Schultz’s father said he only had a small folding multi-tool in his hands and was no threat to the officers who should not have fired. “He was not running at the officers or threatening them with a knife. He had a multipurpose tool,” said Bill Schultz.

Both internal and external investigations into the shooting are underway.