BREAKING: Federal Courts Just Issued Ruling on Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

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This weekend, President Donald Trump’s latest executive order went into effect and effectively barred entry into the United States from certain countries.

The effects of the order were immediate, and entrants from those countries, including US Permanent Resident Aliens who were already US residents, were held in custody at airports across the country.

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The American Civil Liberty Union immediately filed a class action lawsuit on the estimated several hundred travelers affected this morning.

This evening a federal judge has issued an immediate, nationwide stay against the executive order. According to a Business Insider article on the decision:

The ruling, an emergency stay, temporarily allows people who landed in the US with a valid visa to remain.

The ACLU had filed a habeas corpus petition on behalf of two Iraqi refugees, who were detained by border agents at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City, despite having previously been granted asylum and holding valid visas. Both men were released Saturday.

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The stay will temporarily allow those who have landed in the US with valid visas to remain in the country.

Trump’s order, signed Friday afternoon, had prompted widespread chaos at airports across the country as refugees and travelers were detained after arriving and denied entry.

Dale Ho, Director, ACLU Voting Rights Project tweeted the following:

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In addition to stopping the action, the government apparently has to provide a list of all effected people:

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The ACLU’s victory, even though it is a temporary one, is being seen as a massive blow against President Trump’s planned immigration policy, a major component of his presidential campaign.

In the most high profile case of the day, two Iraqi nationals who are permanent US residents were initially barred from reentry to the country following a trip. Both were eventually allowed to leave the airport and released from custody after their attorneys got involved and Homeland Security ultimately released them.

Trump’s executive order does allow the Department of Homeland Security to release individuals on a case by case basis. However, opponents of the action point out that there are currently tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of legal US residents who would be barred from reentry to the country under the current wording of the action.