International Flight Hijacked With 81 Passengers Aboard

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UPDATE #4: The AFP has reported that five more people have been released. It is unclear how many more passengers remain onboard the aircraft.

UPDATE #3: The hijacker has given authorities a note asking for asylum in Cyprus, saying he wants to live on the island with his wife.

UPDATE #2: Most of the plane’s passengers have been released by the hijacker. Four or five foreign nationals and the flight crew remain on board.

UPDATE #1: According to the BBC, “Latest reports from Cypriot media suggest there is just one hijacker who was motivated by “personal reasons” and may be seeking asylum – although this has not been confirmed.”

Original Story: An Egypt Air flight with 81 passengers aboard has been hijacked by a man claiming to be wearing an explosive belt. The plane successfully landed on the island of Cyprus.

The plane is currently at Larnaca airport, and authorities are in contact with the hijacker.