BREAKING: Charlotte Police Release Multiple Videos of Keith Scott Shooting [VIDEO]

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UPDATE: Videos have been released and can be found at the bottom of this article along with new evidence photos.

Video of the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott was released yesterday by the family. The video, recorded by Scott’s wife, had been recorded near the incident, and recorded the audio, but not the actual shooting itself.

The body-cam footage from the involved officers is being released today. Authorities have been adamant that the video isn’t going to provide the definitive answers that will change the minds of many–but that the video supports the account of the police.


[Scroll Down for Video]

Kerr Putney, Charlotte’s Chief of Police, held a news conference announcing the release of the new information. He explained the delay, saying that all of the evidence had been delivered to state investigators after the family had requested an independent review of the case.

Now, Putney says, that investigation is complete, and the release of the information would not jeopardize the investigation in any way.

Putney also confirmed that the initial encounter between police and Scott had nothing to do with the earlier clains of mistaken identity. Scott was seen to have a firearm, and was also in possession of Marijuana. These factors led to the interaction between Scott and the police that quickly escalated.


As for the other rumors about the shooting, Putney says the evidence released will disprove those allegations. Some have claimed that Scott’s “gun” was actually nothing more than a black glove. The family is sticking by their story that Scott was holding a book.

Scott’s death sparked four night of protests in Charlotte. the first two nights were heated and violent, resulting in the death of at least one protestor and the destruction of property. After the Governor declared a state of emergency, the rioting calmed down. Subsequent protests have been more peaceful.


While most of the tension in the wake of the shooting has focused on issues of race, critics have noted that the officer involved in the shooting, and the Chief of Police who is leading this investigation, are also black.

Putney’s assurance that the video will be released has been heralded by those who are demanding transparency in the investigation. Yet Putney continues to emphasize that the video alone must be taken in totality with the rest of the available evidence.

In addition to two videos, police also released images of Scott’s alleged firearm and ankle holster it was being carried in:



Here is dashcam video released by CMPD today:

And here is the body cam footage released today: