BREAKING: Britain Voted and it Looks Like the Results are the Beginning of the End for European Union

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Today, millions of British citizens voted in a referendum on whether or not the nation should stay as part of the European Union. “Leave” seemed to have a slight lead going into the vote, but several last minute polls showed a strong surge for “Remain”.

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Well, now we’re getting into the wee hours of the morning in Britain and it looks like we have our answer, based on analysis of the results so far, it appears that Britain has voted to leave the EU. Note, there are still large numbers of votes to count, but the Leave vote is outperforming polling data on the districts that have reported so far. It is almost statistically impossible for the Remain vote to catch up given the outstanding districts. Several media outlets have already called the race for Leave with around 70% of the vote counted.

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This could mark the beginning of the end for the European Union and perhaps for any sort of real global government at all.

As the votes became more clear, the British Pound Sterling fell to a 30 year low against the dollar in a knee jerk reaction. However, how the move will affect Britain’s currency and economy longterm remain to be seen.

And, of course, there were the snarky tweets of the night:

While the vote is technically just “advisory” it is hard to imagine British leadership not sticking to the decision of the people.

If you need a little primer on the who’s who of Brexit, don’t worry, CNN has you covered.