BREAKING: Berlin Under Attack. At Least 9 Dead. 50+ Injured [LIVE STREAM]

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This is a developing situation. Stay with this post for the latest updates.

At least fifty people are injured and many feared dead after a truck plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. Some incidents currently have at least nine people who are deceased.

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The incident appears as though it is likely intentional as witnesses have reported that there were no roads or traffic nearby.

The area of Berlin where the incident took place is described as being a large, busy commerce area, similar to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, USA.


Witnesses say the truck did not slow down as it plowed through shops and ran people over traveling at speeds exceeding forty miles per hour. Even if the truck was out of control, witnesses say there were several safe routes the vehicle could have taken. It seemed to choose the route to cause the most damage.


At least one local newspaper is saying that the driver of the vehicle fled the area.


The attack seems to mirror a similar attack that took place in Nice, France earlier this year in which 86 people were killed and hundreds injured when a 19 ton vehicles was driven into a Bastille Day crowd.


The incident comes after Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed by a Turkish police officer during a speech at an art gallery in Turkey. That attacker was shot and killed himself. The attacker claimed his attack was due to Russia’s support of Syria’s Assad regime in the war torn city of Aleppo.

Here is a SKY News live feed covering the incident: