BREAKING: Berlin Terror Suspect is “Soldier of ISIS.” Group Claims Responsibility

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Details about the deadly terror attack that took place in a busy shopping district of Berlin yesterday are starting to come to light. Just as German authorities released their initial suspect, a frighting group is claiming responsibility.

The Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack that left at least 12 people dead and at least 48 people injured.


In a statement the group said that the terrorist responsible was a “Soldier of the Islamic State, targeting citizens of the Crusader coalition”.

The announcement comes after German authorities released the suspect they had arrested at the scene citing a lack of evidence of his involvement.


According to a report from the BBC, the body that was found inside the truck was actually the driver of the truck. It would also seem based on physical evidence that the driver was overpowered by likely more than one person.


Ariel Zurawski said that Lukasz Urban, 37, was a “good guy”, AFP reports.

Police said he appeared to have been stabbed and shot.


“One person would not have been able to overpower him,” Mr Zurawski said, describing his cousin as a heavyset man who weighed 120kg (265lb) and stood 183 cms (6ft) tall.

“We could see injuries. His face was bloodied and swollen,” Zurawski told private news channel TVN 24, referring to a photo of the body he received from Polish police.


“There was a stab wound. Police also told me there was a gunshot wound,” he said, adding that the dead man’s family – including his widow and 17-year-old son – were in shock.

Police are still searching for the suspect in the case. It is unknown if police currently have any leads on his location.