BREAKING: ANOTHER Top Democrat Resigns in Disgrace Following Corruption Found in Emails

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As you’re probably aware, late last month, Wikileaks released tens of thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee. The emails show a systematic abuse of party resources in order to sabotage Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign as well as numerous other fraudulent and demeaning email strings.


After Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned in disgrace, she is now being joined by other top party officials. Most notably and recently, CEO of the Democratic National Committee Amy Dacey. According to POLITICO, “Democratic National Committee CEO Amy Dacey resigned Tuesday, sources with knowledge of her decision confirm to POLITICO.”

Last month, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was also forced to resign in disgrace.

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“Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention,” Wasserman Schultz said in her statement.

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“As Party Chair, this week I will open and close the Convention and I will address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election not only for Democrats, but for all Americans,” she said. “We have planned a great and unified Convention this week and I hope and expect that the DNC team that has worked so hard to get us to this point will have the strong support of all Democrats in making sure this is the best convention we have ever had.”
Wasserman Schultz had faced intense pressure Sunday to resign her post, several Democratic leaders told CNN, urging her to quell a growing controversy threatening to disrupt Clinton’s nominating convention.

The news could be devastating to Democrats. A major change in party leadership just months from a presidential election will likely hurt the stability of the party and surely hamper fundraising efforts going forward.

The Democratic National Committee has canceled all of Wasserman Schultz’s appearances at the convention as well as all scheduled television broadcasts that she was supposed to do this week. This will leave the Democrats without one of their biggest public speaking proponents at a time when she is most needed.

But the seemingly disgraced Wasserman Schultz has already landed on her feet, earning the role of “honorary chair” on¬†Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie,” Clinton said in a statement. “Which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper has been very hard on the DNC for the email scandal: