Brawl Breaks Out Between Trump Supporters and Flag Burners in Beverly Hills [VIDEO]

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President Trump held a fundraiser Tuesday afternoon in California that ended in an all-out street brawl. The fight began after a group of anti-Trump protestors burned an American flag. Local police were on the scene and separated the two groups. Multiple people on both sides were detained before being released, but no arrests were made.

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The fight took place outside a popular Beverly Hills hotel as a group of anti-Trump protesters began arguing with Trump supporters. The war of words quickly turned violent after a small group of anti-Trump protesters began to light the American flag on fire with a lighter.

Beverly Hills police officers were on scene when the brawl took place. The two groups were separated, with some of the more violent offenders being detained for a short period of time before being released, CBS Los Angelas reported.

Gregg Donovan, a Trump supporter, explained that he was saddened by the scene. “I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt.”

Tony Blackstone, a Trump protester, says he has an issue with the quality of medical insurance available in the country. “I’ve still got family members who are struggling to pay for their medication,” Blackstone said. “They’re elderly, and they have to decide whether to pay for their medication or to pay for their bill, and that’s sad.”

Mike Madrid, a GOP consultant and critic of Trump, said that President Trump’s unpopularity in the state of California is unprecedented.

“There’s not been a president in living history that is as unpopular in the state of California as Trump,” said Madrid. “But our money spends the same as everyone else’s.”

Trump held a fundraiser in Los Angelas to help raise $15 million. The fundraiser has multiple events and locations for donors to attend. Lunch was planned in the Bay Area, while dinner was put on by real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer, the Daily Mail reported.