Brave Grandfather’s ‘Fancy Footwork’ Trips and Disarms Suspect Who Was Fleeing From Police [VIDEO]

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The title on the video says it all: “Fancy Footwork by a Good Samaritan Helps Nab Armed Suspect.” The unassuming grandpa just happened to have been leaving the library when he found himself at the start of a footrace, of sorts, between an armed man and a very vocal group of officers who were trying hard to catch up.

As the suspect seemed focused on the police, and not the man exiting the library, he didn’t see what was coming.

The incident occurred in Columbus, Ohio. The grandfather, as grandfathers are wont to do, was at the library with his granddaughter.

The man, who is only being identified as “Bill,” waited a second when he heard the chase. He appears to be stepping out of the man’s way when he slows and kicks back a leg.

“Bill, who has a walking stick, said he thought the suspect had a lead on the officers and so decided to help them out,” The Daily Mail writes.

When the suspect fell, he dropped his gun. This, the police acknowledge, may well have saved the man’s life, and the overwhelming number of police officers were able to take him without firing any shots.

“He went one way and the gun went the other way. I could see him trying to pick it up so I got out of the way,” Bill said.

Officers then arrest the suspect. “You’re lucky you dropped that gun man,” one said. “Boy, you almost got shot.”

The gun the suspect dropped was a Glock 9mm with an extended magazine that held 29 rounds.

“Community involvement, be it by courage, bravery and/or fancy footwork, helped take a criminal off the streets of Columbus,” The Columbus police said later.

“We have no idea if that might have turned out differently if you hadn’t done what you did,” an officer told Bill. “I cannot thank you enough sir. You are an outstanding community member.”