He Tried to Kidnap a 3 Year Old Girl. Then Her Dad Caught Him and Put Him on the Ground

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One dad didn’t sit idly by when a man allegedly attempted to kidnap his 3-year-old daughter. The girl was playing at a local park as her mother walked a dog nearby. The would-be kidnapper, Yonel Hernandez-Velasco, reportedly strolled up to the girl, grabbing her by the hand and “skipping through the grass” with her.

Her mother noticed that the suspect appeared to be trying to drag her daughter away.

The girl’s mother’s boyfriend was also at the park, which is located approximately 33 miles from the city of Sacramento, California. He confronted Hernandez-Velasco, 26, and the suspect began acting “aggressively.”

The mother called the girl’s father, Fred Cantrell Jr., who lived in an apartment located across the street from the park. Cantrell quickly sprang into action.

Cantrell confronted the suspect.

“[Hernandez-Velasco] just looked at me like [shrugs] and I was like, ‘Wow, no big thing, huh, bud?’ said Cantrell, according to a report by Fox News. “You just tried to kidnap my daughter.”

As Cantrell faced off with Hernandez-Velasco, the suspect pulled a pair of handcuffs from his pocket, positioning them on his hand like a set of brass knuckles.

The suspect allegedly charged at Cantrell, and Cantrell responded by punching Hernandez-Velasco, knocking him to the ground.

When the suspect got up and lunged at Cantrell as second time, Cantrell punched him again. This time, Hernandez-Velasco remained on the ground until local law enforcement arrived on scene.

A group of boys who were playing basketball at the park also said that Hernandez-Velasco approached them and asked if he could buy their basketball. When the boys refused, the suspect reportedly showed them the handcuffs and stated that he could cuff one of the boys and drag them into a pond.

Hernandez-Velasco was charged with suspicion of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. His bail has been set at $1.2 million.

The damage from his altercation with Cantrell can be clearly seen in his mugshot.