Brandon Webber Was Shot by Police & Memphis Rioted. Here’s Why Cops Were After Him.

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Yesterday, we covered the story of 20-year-old Brandon Webber who was shot and killed by US Marshalls serving a warrant. In a since-deleted Facebook live post, Webber acknowledged a police presence outside his home before stating that the officers were going to “have to kill me.” There are questions about the shooting, but one of the most prominent ones asks what was contained in the warrant that led marshalls to Webber.

According to ABC News, the US Marshalls were serving an arrest warrant out of Mississippi where Webber allegedly had several charges hanging over his head, including aggravated assault, conspiracy and armed robbery.

On June 3rd, Webber reportedly visited Mississippi looking to buy a used car. Once he met with the owner of the vehicle, Webber asked the owner if he could see what the car could do. Once the owner got out of the car, Webber shot him five times at close range, DeSoto County District Attorney General John Champion explained in a press conference.

The owner of the car survived but is still in the hospital recovering. The warrant was issued on June 8th, NBC News reported.

The US Marshalls descended on Webber’s Memphis, Tennesse, home around 7 pm to serve the warrant. He noticed the law enforcement presence and quickly escaped from a side door and hopped into his vehicle.

Webber hit numerous law enforcement cruisers in an effort to escape, but once he was cornered, he hopped out of his car with what officers claimed was a weapon.

Webber’s father claimed the US Marshalls shot his son 16 to 20 times. This angered the community as hundreds took to the streets in a violent protest. For the next three hours, protestors threw bottles and bricks at officers who responded in full riot gear.

Throughout the protest, gunshots erupted in the distance. Originally, it was reported that 25 police officers were injured but that number has now quickly jumped to 36, CNN reported. The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing.